15 March 2011

Creeping Along

Yes, I have been alive since the blizzard. I've mostly been working on a project that I can't show pictures of yet, but will be able to very soon. I made something that shouldn't ordinarily take a long time, but because of the persnickedyness of the pattern and the size of the wool and needles, it took me a good while to get finished.

When I finally did finish the mystery project, I immediately started on a sweater for the baby girl my niece is currently working on putting together. I'm making the sweater, leggings and hat on the cover of Dalegarn 129.

In a matter of three days I got the entire body done, as well as one of the sleeves.

This is one of the reasons I like making baby things; even with tiny needles and fingering weight yarn, I can still get a lot accomplished in a pretty short amount of time. The only downside that I can see is that there a lot of ends to be dealt with. The leggings are going to be a real monster in that department, but the cuteness factor will make it more manageable.

I also finally finished my cursed Blackhawkey Sockies. Every time I worked on them on a game day the Blackhawks lost. Now that the socks are finished I tested wearing them on a game day, Sunday afternoon. The Blackhawks lost in overtime.

Perhaps I need to start making socks for the other guys...