22 June 2011

While I'm Waiting

For Mother's Day this year my gift was an upgrade of my MP3 player from a very old, very clunky, very small (storage wise) Zen Touch, to a brand new iPod Touch. One of the things I'm liking most about it is that I can download books from Audible.com as well as from my library via MyMediaMall. Once they're on it I can then go walking/jogging/riding my bike with a good book. The down side is that it takes a really long time to download a book onto first the computer, then transfer it onto the iPod.

So while I'm waiting for Sacred Stone to finishe downloading, I'll update you on the small amount of knitting I've gotten done.

After finishing what I'm calling the "6 Million End" outfit, I decided I'd like something simple, with not a lot of ends to deal with. The perfect project for that is a Wallaby. So I looked around in the stash and came up with some green yarn that hadn't yet found its purpose in life and whipped one up.

It's made with Caron Simply Soft and Lambie Pie. I finished it while my family was here for the baby shower and my mom remembered that she needed a baby gift for another new Mom, and she promptly purchased it from me.

07 June 2011

Life Keeps Moving

Life is certainly an interesting thing to experience. You're coasting along, everything is in its groove, and then suddenly it all gets crazy. Spring break Disney vacations, birthdays, funerals, weddings, baby showers, then the next thing you know it's your kid's last day of school.

So I've been busy is what I'm trying to say. So busy that I have done very little knitting. Because of the upcoming baby shower (this Sunday in fact,) I did finally buckle down and get some stuff accomplished.

That's the Zebrafol pattern from the Dale baby collection #129. I made it out of Knitpicks Pallette which is Peruvian Highlands wool. It turned out nicely, but it's certainly not a pattern that I'll be making for casual acquaintances. Because of the number of colors that are used this is what the inside of the leggings looked like when I started sewing in the ends. Keep in mind that I worked about half of them in as I went, so this could have been double what it looks like.

And this is what the pile of cut off ends looked like when I got done:

So definitely a labor of love. Hopefully the Great-Niece and her parents will appreciate it.