30 May 2007

Heat, Yes, Bugs, No

The socks have grown a bit since yesterday. They would have grown further, had it not been for my darling daughter.

You would think that with the outside conditions being 90 F with 65% humidity I wouldn't have been willing to go outside. Normally you'd be right, but you have to take into account the 8 year old who *needs* to go to the park across the street with her friends. It seems that a mother who won't let her daughter play with her friends whenever they appear on the doorstep is guilty of negligence and abuse of the worst sort. So we trooped over to the park twice yesterday. I didn't even bother taking the sock since the mixture of humidity and perspiration would certainly glue the stitches to the needles and make it impossible for me to slide them from one needle to the next.

On the plus side we still have not seen, or more importantly heard, any sign of cicadas yet. We're thinking that since our subdivision was only built about 20 years ago, there won't be many around here. Since Anna is a bugophobic, this is good news. We were sort of surprised Sunday when we went for a walk in the forest preserve because there were none to be heard there either. With my luck, however, they'll becoming out in full force Saturday morning, just in time for my son's graduation party.

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