08 February 2009

C is for...


And after looking at the following picture, every Mom on the planet knows why.

For the Dads or non-Moms among you, let me point out the telltale signs.

1. Daughter is lying on the couch (or sofa, or davenport, pick your favorite,) with a pillow, watching TV in the living room. Under normal circumstances this is not allowed to occur. Especially if you know that she is watching Camp Rock on the Disney channel when House is on.
2. There's a TV tray next to the couch. One of the house rules is that food and drink are not allowed in any room with carpeting. Since there's obviously carpeting in the photo, something has suspended the house rules.
3. The contents of the TV tray: soda crackers, lemon-lime soda, bowl of chicken noodle soup, a large, empty, plastic bowl, and a thermometer. In the living room.
4. Child in t-shirt and shorts, but with a very large, fuzzy, warm blanket in easy reach.

Daughter has a stomach bug, which means that no matter how well planned I though my day was, the whole thing has to be junked because I am now tethered to the small sick individual laying on the couch. Or sofa. Or davenport. You choose.

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Mary said...

I hope you've all been sprung free!