07 June 2009

H is for...

Happy Anniversary and Hockey Knitting

Only 12 short years ago Husband and I tied the knot.

A lot has happened in the intervening years. Good things have happened, bad things have happened, but Hubby and I keep plugging along. If I had one thing to do over again, however, it would have been choosing a different day to get married on. I would pick one that was farther away from Fathers day and Husband's birthday. If we had gotten married in say October, there wouldn't be much chance that when I handed H his Anniversary card he would ask, "What's this for? My birthday?" Not that I'm saying that happened today.

If only Husband was a bigger hockey fan, he might have an easier time remembering what June 7th is. Brother finds it easier to remember.

He and Sister-In-Law (who was Brother's Girlfriend at the time) spent most of my reception in the bar of the hotel that our reception was in watching the Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup. It was the first time they had won the cup since 1955. They have won it again 3 times since then, and this week they are going for it again. At the moment they lead the Pittsburgh Penguins 3 games to 2.

When you're watching hockey, you have to have just the right kind of knitting. You need to have something that you don't have to look at. Nothing with charts, nothing with lots of counting, just good plain knit stitch over and over and over again. So when the playoffs started (and I will admit that when the playoffs started I was cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks, until they were annihilated by Detroit,) I started working on a wallaby for myself.

Acres and acres of knitting that I don't have to look at.

Because the Cup changes everything, and I don't want to miss a second of it. (Note to the NHL ad department, I wouldn't mind a little remuneration for using two of your tag lines in one sentence.)


MadMad said...

Happy belated anniversary! You guys look so cute! I used to like hockey... until my son started playing it!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Well you could do the guy thing and let one card/gift cover all three events. But that won't help getting the H to remember the anniversary. I think that my DH remembers because it's on my b'day as well and I keep reminding him for a solid month before the date.