29 September 2009

O is for...


Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow at 3 Daughter and I will be driving to Indiana and one of the items on the agenda is to give a new mom a sweater for her new baby.

Yesterday, before I had the second sleeve started, I was a little concerned that this wasn't going to happen in time. Today I'm feeling fine, and even planning on putting on the optional hood. This is the Wonderful Wallaby made using Bernat Camoflage yarn. It's supposed to have a pocket on the front, but really, what newborn needs a pocket in her sweater?

After I finish the sweater this evening I can start to feel optimistic about having the house in some semblance of order before Mom and Dad get here on Saturday. Have I ever mentioned that the guest room is also the yarn storage room? And when it's been a while since we've had guests it starts to get a little... cluttered? And we haven't had guests since Christmas?


MadMad said...

Ooooh, that is just the cutest colorway! They're gonna love it!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Pockets on newborn sweaters can be quite useful. You can store wipes for cleaning baby drool, an extra diaper or even a ball of wool. The new mom could use the baby as a yarn bra.

Lanas said...

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