09 May 2010

Odds & Ends

A few bits & pieces from the last few days.

It took until 3 weeks ago for Daughter to learn to ride a bike. She then learned, became addicted, and rode the 11 mile loop from our house, around the forest preserve, and back.

2. The last few weeks of school the kids have A B C countdown. Each day has a theme that goes with the next letter in the alphabet. D was Dress like someone else day.

Daughter went as me. That's my shirt, my capris, and my sandals.

3. Son saw this in the parking lot at the mall and thought it was the coolest truck ever.

You need to be a Transformers fan to understand that one.

4. To celebrate my birthday and son's birthday which were both in the last month, we went to Texas de Brasil which is a restaurant where they basically walk around with grilled meat on sticks and cut you off a piece at the table.

Steak, pork, chicken, you name it. They even have lamb, but we all passed on that. I took another picture of the drippings all over the tablecloth, but I'll spare you that one.

And lastly, the socks I've been working on. I'm making these out of the wool that my birthday swap buddy sent me.

They look very nice, but the foot is hugely too big for me. So now I face the decision: do I make the second one, or rip out the first one and rewrite the pattern so it'll fit.


Thea said...

ah yes, one of those meat places. I think they are called chiaroscuros or something like that :) My family once took me to one of those for my birthday (I'm basically a vegetarian). sigh. Nice socks though, and I like the shirt your daughter is wearing.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

1) Way to go Daughter
2) I need my own K2tog t-shirt
3) Very kool truck
4) Getting hungry now
5) I'm having sock envy