04 February 2011


OK, so after looks a lot like During, mostly because the additional 5 or 6 hours of storm didn't actually happen.

This is the only window that we have on the south side of the house. Because the wind was mostly from the north northeast, this side of the house got a lot more snow than the windward side did.

The dog trying to swim through the snow. He hasn't been able to run around in the yard since Tuesday afternoon. I shoveled out a couple of paths for him so that he could at least get off the patio to do his business.

Husband got the sidewalk next to the house shoveled off (it's on the south side of the garage, which is again why so much snow.) It feels like going through a tunnel.

Daughter has been making tunnels and snow caves. This is her just outside the living room window. She's close to 5 feet tall, and you can see the snow is up to the top of her chest.

I think this will be one of the more memorable Groundhog Days that I'll ever have.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Forget about a shadow....all the rodent had to do is look at all that snow and it would say "yeah, right....there is no way you guys are getting an early spring"