15 April 2011

Secret Socks

Last time I alluded to some socks that had been working on that I couldn't share yet. Well, I finally finished them and sent them off to my mother as a late birthday gift. They are made out of KnitPicks Stroll yarn in the Deep Waters colorway.

There are a lot of cables in these socks. The pattern is Sweetheart Socks (Ravelry Link.) The pattern on the top is supposed to continue all the way down to the toes, but I would have rather stabbed myself with my needles than have to keep working all those teensy tiny cables.

Socks modeled by Daughter, who declared them "uncomfortable," but she is notoriously finicky about what goes on her feet.

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MissMarsha said...

Thanks for posting the yarn, I went to knitpics and spent some $$$