16 February 2013

6? No, I Guess Not

Daughter and I had to buy some new shoes today, as her current pair is attempting to amputate her feet.  When we got to the shoe store, I saw the car above.  I could easily claim that my Random Act for today was to Not write "Nice Parking" in the salt and dirt on the driver side door.  Or that it was blurring out the license plate so that the owner won't be embarrassed to see his or her car parked so flagrantly in the middle of two parking spaces.  But the whole point of this exercise is to be a better person, I'm not going to count the fact that I didn't give in to an evil urge as an actual act of kindness.

But it was REALLY tempting!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

true true, there was a bit of plastic coming out of the shoe stabbing me every time I walked
-the unfortunate daughter