18 August 2008

Is That How It's Supposed To Be?

The computer has been reinstalled, the files restored, and now the new camera will finally talk to it. I haven't discovered what it is that I've lost forever, but I'm sure it will become obvious to me soon.

One of the nice things about this camera is that it has a much better macro setting than the old one. See?

I wouldn't have been able to get that close with the old camera.

While the computer was being redone I received a package in the mail and this is what was inside:

It's the latest sock from the Tsock Flock club. So far all we've received is a teensy little skein of sock yarn, and enough instructions to make the toes. We'll be getting more yarn and more instructions later. Intrigued, I cast on and started, and got this far before I started asking myself questions:

I fear that I have gone wrong already. Admittedly this is only the work of 30 minutes, so it won't kill me to have to redo it, but I'm pretty sure I'm going down the wrong path. She says in the directions that you can either use 2 circular needles, or 5 double pointed needles. That's fine, I like DPNs better, so that's what I'm using. The problem comes in around row 13, where I'm instructed to do something till I get to the "end of needle." At the time, I blindly followed directions, and did something till I got to the end of the needle, then repeated it on all 4 needles. I think this was probably not right. If I'm making toes here, then they are going to have a very boxy shape, and some strange and potentially uncomfortable stripes on the tops and bottoms of my feet. If the instructions are for people using ony 2 circular needles, then they'll end up with nicely shaped toes and some swell stripes up the sides of their feet. The problem here is that since I don't have any idea what I'm making (other than the fact that it's for a sock club) so I'm not sure if this is just some clever new thing, or just a screw up on my part. I'm 90% sure it's a screw up, but you never can tell.

But it's OK, because my new camera is cool.


Carrie said...

Hey is that flower one of my rejects? How come it looks so nice in your yard?

Kathy said...

That would be because it's not purple. :-)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

One more sleep...as I would say to my kids... See you tomorrow :)