06 August 2008

Aaaaaand She's Back

Let me just say, holy crud, what a summer this has been. There's been good, bad, and ugly, and there's been a LOT of it. I have been to Wisconsin, Texas, Detroit, and the U.P. I've had house guests, extra children, and insects. I have helped drywall a garage, snorkeled in the Gulf of Mexico, helped pull down a tree, taught a week of VBS, and completely cleaned and organized the playroom. I have visited with Brother, all the In-Laws, Mom & Dad, Cousins, and Aunts & and Uncle. I have been introduced to a horrible, terrible, time sucking computer game. I have had precious little free time for knitting.

But now that the summer is entering its "wind down" phase, I think I might be able to reclaim my life a little. I'll start by showing you some of the highlights of the summer.

Camping at Rock Cut park in Illinois:

South Padre Island:

Amtraking to Detroit:

The beginning of the Great 8 Hour Playroom Cleanup, in which I take every toy of Daughter's, pile it up in one giant pile, then start sorting and throwing.

Cat helps with laundry:

Family Cabin on Dead River Basin (my favorite place in the whole world):

Son helping Dad with landscape project:

The Black Rocks at Marquette's Presque Isle:

Family Shooting Day:

and last but not least, the only knitting I've finished this summer:

Hope you've all had a great summer.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

At least you've done something and gone somewhere this summer. So far I've come up with zilch. I'd say that my only accomplishment this summer, so far, is getting a full time job.

The only thing that is keeping me sane right now is my copy of my flight itinery that I keep by the computer.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Okay, so I can't spell tonight...there are worst things...like that one sided boxing match I just watched on TV.

MadMad said...

I was wondering if you were ever, ever coming back! I'm so glad to see you were at least busy with some fun, fun, fun stuff! It all looks awesome!