14 January 2009

B is for ...


This is the forecast for tomorow:

Notice what the "high" temperature will be? I realize that it's politically incorrect to say so, but I'd really like some of that global warming they're always talking about on the news. We've got so much snow piled up next to the end of the driveway that I can barely shovel the new stuff up over it.

So if a person is going to be suffering through frigid days and nights what should she do? What could possibly make the weather a little less unpleasant?

Socks made from the leftover sweater yarn, that's what. And yes, those are my long-johns, it really is that cold.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I'm experiencing my own deep freeze up here.....I feel your pain or I would if I could still feel my toes.

Susan said...

Oh that's just awful, I hate being cold. Love those socks though, hope they keep your toes warm.