22 January 2009

Darn It

There IS a reason why a knitter needs to be continually making socks: they eventually wear out. According to Ravelry I made these in September of 2007. I probably wore them at least once every week between December of '07 and April of '08, then again once a week from November of last year till now. They got thrown in the washing machine and dryer just like all my other clothes, so they may have worn out a little faster than those of someone who hand-washes their socks, but I think it has more to do with just wearing out than rough handling. Daughter told me that we should sew some of her fabric scraps on to cover up the hole (she's teaching herself to sew and has a lot of fabric scraps donated my a sewing neighbor) but I think I'm just going to use the Yarn Harlot's darning method: Say, "Darn it!" while throwing them in the garbage can.


Carrie said...

Your sewing neighbor wants you to know it is OK to pitch them. I am pretty good at darning and actually can knit better that way than with knitting needles so I have done this. Walking on a darned sock is a guarantee that you will be saying a lot worse things than "Darn" by the end of the day, or even the first hour!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Eek.....personally I think that you should have some kind of warning label before showing such a scary picture like that. There could be young impressionable knitters who check out your blog. And a hole like that could keep them from sock knitting forever.