17 October 2007

Tooth or Dare

When Husband and I got married I had not been to see a dentist in 9 years. I had several reasons but the most important was that I don't like pain. As a child my experiences with the dental hygienist were not favorable. I'm sure you're familiar with the device they use to clean teeth, the rubber cup that's attached to the drill motor. Our hygienist felt that the powered tool was not effective on its own; it had to be applied to the teeth with extreme force as well. There were times, and I swear to you I'm not exaggerating, that she pressed so hard on my teeth that the thing stalled out. When I came home from the dentist after a cleaning I often couldn't chew food for 2 or 3 days, it was just too painful. Although I never had braces I feel like I can sympathize with the pain involved.

After marrying Husband he insisted that I start going to the dentist again. He found a dentist who's hygienist was wonderful. Her name is Pat and she was wonderfully kind to my teeth. She cleaned them many times and not a single time did she cause me pain. When I went to the dentist yesterday I learned that Pat has retired. Dentist himself cleaned my teeth. I will say this for him; he's thorough. My teeth feel very clean today. He uses (as Pat did) a metal pick that shoots high pressure water to clean around the gumline. But the water isn't always sufficient so naturally he then uses the pointy part to scrape off offending matter. This is fine as long as it is directed at a tooth (which is hard) but not so good when he misses and uses it on the gums (which aren't so much.) Pat also never forgot which tool was in which hand. Mirror: used to hold lips and such out of the way for a better view. Pick thing: used to scrape stuff from teeth. I'll let you work out what happens when you forget which is which. Apparently this has been designated Poke Kathy With Pointy Objects week.

The hat progresses, and I can be thankful that I'm over half done at this point. I may be able to get out of this with no permanent index finger injuries.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I think that you should watch the movie "Little Shop of Horrors" you'll never complain about going to the dentist again. I reccomend either the B&W classic version with Jack Nicholson or the newer version...which was a musical of all things.

It's about a man eating plant, but somehow a sadistic dentist character was written into the plot.

MadMad said...

This is awful to say (not really, it's true)... but don't go to males for teeth cleaning. They usually use way too much force... It's not supposed to hurt!