18 December 2007

She Did a Bad Bad Thing

She went to The Fold is what she did. She went there to get something for the Cast Away Knitting Guild Christmas party gift exchange. She went knowing that it would be dangerous. The Fold is, after all, where she parted company with a good amount of credit card during Stitches Midwest in August.

After getting in the car she loaded up Husbands new toy with the address in Marengo. She followed as instructed and ended up at what appeared to be a charming farmhouse out in the country. She went to the door and was met by a lovely woman and her large, friendly German Shepherd. "What a quaint little place." she thought as she stepped over the threshold. Little did she know that she was playing the part of the Fly to the proprietresses Spider. As her eyes adjusted to the light she was nearly overwhelmed; fleece, roving, spinning wheels, spindles, everywhere. She grew lightheaded from the fumes and she wasn't even a spinner.

After adjusting to the shock of all of the wooly goodness, she stepped through another doorway into the opium den yarn shop proper. A fog descended over her eyes and she entered a fugue state. When she came back to her senses she was walking out the door with two skeins of Socks that Rock, one skein of Crystal Palace Splash, Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters, a set of US3 DPNs, and a skein of fingering weight Buffalo Gold. Dazed and confused, she got back in the car and let the new toy tell her how to get home.

After arriving back at the house she did the only thing she could think of: she knit Daughter's teacher a scarf, wrapped the Buffalo wool and put it under the tree addressed to herself from Husband, and took a nap to sleep off the last lingering effects of the wool fumes.


DeannaC said...

What, no spindles and roving? You got off easy. I learned last night that I sometimes knit with some of your guild members on Monday nights at Fishbed Kntting Emporium in East Dundee.

DeannaC - fellow Yooper on Ravelry

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

HA! Those quaint little places will suck you dry each and every time. The owners go to enabler school, where they teach people how to tempt those of us with little or no will power.

But putting the Buffalo Gold under the tree...THAT was sheer genius on your part. I am humbled by your ingenuity.