06 November 2007

The Candy Wars

This Halloween I decided to perform a preemptive strike against the mess that usually happens around the house post-Halloween. I informed Daughter that if I found any empty wrappers anywhere other than in the garbage can, she would lose the rest of that kind of candy. Clever, no? No. I failed to take in to account the evil cunning of my dear Daughter. I walked into the living room on Friday and saw a Skittles wrapper on the coffee table. "Ah Ha!" I said to myself.
"The Skittles are now all mine." But upon further investigation I discovered that she had outwitted me. Inside the Skittles wrapper was one single skittle. The wrapper was not empty. I was forced to concede that she had managed to find a loophole in my brilliant plan. Later that day Husband kindly pointed out to Daughter that she could also leave the wrapper from the last piece of any particular kind laying about as there would be no repercussions from that either. Perhaps I should just give in to the inevitable and strew trash around the house myself.

I started the last of my required 5 not-for-me projects. I'm making a prayer stole for a friend who is having some health problems. I'm sure that Whoever is listening will be able to sort out the good wishes from the, "Aw crap I screwed it up AGAIN!" My first attempt went a little something like this:

Now I could claim that this is what it's supposed to look like, but I'd be fibbing just a little. A little frogging, a little patience, a little reading the chart correctly, and this is what you get:

Neat little rows of squares. In the interest of full disclosure I feel I must add that I haven't managed to get more than 4 rows yet without finding a mistake and having to tink at least a row and a half. But I have come up with a system so that I find my mistakes more quickly (drat those missed Yarn Overs,) and manage to get some praying in without curse words. Knit each section, of which there are 3, then stop and count before moving on to the next one. This way I can fix my screw ups quickly and then have the whole purl row to be contemplative of my friend and her situation.


Amanda said...

Your story about your daughter made me laugh! That's hilarious.

Also, your prayer stole looks just lovely. Sorry that it's taking a little longer than you anticipated. I've never even attempted a lacey pattern that complicated. Kudos to you!

MadMad said...

You're cracking me up, today! I'm guessing yours isn't the only lace prayer shawl that's full of "craps." :)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Isn't it just wonderful when husbands put in their two cents and help out with this parenting thing.

I don't think that yarn picks up on personal energy, negative or positive. Although, if you dance around the room yelling "free at last, free at last" when you give your friend the shawl, she might have an idea of how you really feel about the thing.