15 November 2007

Updates on things I've been working on...

I decided to go with the stripey hood, but with a solid black band. I was going to go with a solid green hood, but Fibreholic mentioned that it would look like a turtle, and I think she's right. Nothing left to do now but the little seams under the arms. I'm now trying to decide if anyone will wear this, or if they'll get a whole green bumblebee vibe and pass. Who knows.

This is a little souvenir from the Hat of Pain. I wasn't able to get a really good picture because you just can't get close enough with my camera, even on the "close up" setting (even this picture is blurry.) You can see that the flesh is falling off of my finger, but it's not quite as obvious that there is a distinct dent in my finger. Normally I would be proud of any work related injury, but this one is interfering with the stole. The marino is sticking to my finger like Velcro.

Speaking of the stole, it's coming along. I took it to a guild meeting last night and only made one mistake, and found it only 2 rows later. I also abandoned it for a while so I could watch Maria give a demo on making steeks. It was shocking how calmly she just whacked into her swatch with a pair of scissors. How can anyone in good conscience approach a piece of knitting with any kind of cutting tool? It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. I have several Old UFO's that are going to need steeks eventually, but I think the reason they aren't going anywhere fast is that I dread the thought of slicing into them intentionally.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I am thinking that I need to knit a wallaby. So you need to tell me where to get a pattern.

The stole is gorgeous and is coming along nicely. I understand you feeling faint at the sight of cutting into your work. I have a kit for a fair isle sweater and I think that's the reason I've been putting off starting it.