21 November 2007

Technology is Cool

Remember the old days whe you went on a trip with your family in the car? You would spend your time looking at the license plates of the cars around you because you'd get a penny for each different state, and a dime for anything outside the country. When that got old you'd get a list of landmarks to look for from Dad. "An all black cow, a barn that's not painted red, 4 birds on a wire, a silo (we drove through Wisconsin a lot.)" Then you'd play the make a story game where each person writes 3 words then passes the paper to the next person. Remember those days?

I write this as I sit in the car on the road between Chicago and Detroit. I just got done checking a real time traffic report that verifies that we are driving in the worst traffic area in the entire Chicagoland area and there's no way out. Daughter is watching a Scooby Doo video in the backseat while Son is plugged into his Zune. I just got a call from Brother asking how far we had gotten since we called an hour ago (12 miles) and when I'm done with this blog post I'm gonna go check out some other blogs. Who'd have thunk it.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Hmmmm you don't mention that DH is driving...I know that people think that they can drive while talking on the phone but blog while driving???

This is Cathy taking dangerous to a new level.

This is me laughing at my own stupid joke.

MadMad said...

It is amazing how different things are, isn't it? I'm forever telling my kids - on our long car rides - just how good they have it compared to when I was a kid. (My version of the walk to school in the snow, uphill, both ways, I guess.)