14 February 2008

C is for...

C is for clever, after a good long time of being not clever. Let me explain.

Over the course of my life I have used my feet a lot. As a result my heels are beginning to look and feel a little rough. (This might be a bit of an understatement.) For the last 2 years, especially in the winter, I find that it's good to put some good lotion on my heels at night just before I go to bed. (I like Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream) While this is good for my feet it caused a problem. I didn't want all of my good foot cream to get rubbed off of my feet while I was sleeping. I decided that the logical thing to do was to put on socks. I tried this for a couple of nights, but ended up kicking the socks off in the middle of the night because my toes just don't like being cooped up. They seems to like the cool refreshing feeling of sheets, not the confined space of sock toes. So I solved my problem like this:

This would be the not so clever portion of my life. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I, a card carrying knitter, used these cut off gym socks for over a year until I had an A-Ha moment about 2 weeks ago. I was looking through a yarn catalog and saw some unusual socks. They had no toes or heels. They were basically stirrup socks. While I wasn't interested in those socks per-se, it did finally cause my brain to think of my lotion socks and think, "Hey, I could knit some socks that would work for night time foot cream use." I found 2 skeins of Maggi's Merino Aran wool and made these:

Having used them for the past 3 nights I can say that they work wonderfully. No lotion on the sheets, warm feet and free toes. Clever, after a good long time of being not so much.

Oh, and C is also for Cookie, who was completely unwilling to pose for a picture. She's our cat who doesn't like people. She's basically just a cat food recycler and leg sleeper on-er.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I'm sitting here, scratching my head, wondering why anyone would want to wear socks without toes or heels. hmmm pedicure socks?????