06 February 2008

Have Some Manners

I think I have decided on what to do with the sock. My inspiration came from the Annetrelac Socks from the Holiday 2007 Interweave Knits. This is the second go round as I didn't bother to do any decreasing before I started the entrelac part. The resultant sock would have fit nicely on any rhinocerous. I'm not sure if I decreased enough, but I think I'm close this time.

It's snowing in Chicago again. Shocking, I know. Even better than the fact that it's snowing is having daughter home again because of the snow. This is her second snow day in 2 weeks. It's not that I don't enjoy having her around, it's just that I don't enjoy having her around so much. To make the day even more complete Husband decided not to go in to work today, so he's working from home. Oh, and did I mention that I've had a tremendous cold for the last couple of days? I think we can all safely expect that nothing of consequence will happen at my house today. I could bemoan my sorry state of affairs more, but there are plenty of people who have it worse than me. At least I can flush my toilet without having to melt snow first.

I'm sure with this new batch of snow Daughter will want to go sledding this afternoon. We went last Friday and I was reminded that there are people, even here in the Chicagoland area, who don't seem to know the basics of good manners while sledding. If Miss Manners hasn't covered this in one of her column, she should. Having grown up in an area that gets close to 200 inches of snow every year, I have some personal experience and would like to share some suggestions.
1. When ascending to the top of the hill, each sledder should carry his own sled. While she may be dressed in a similar manner to a sherpa, your Mother is not there as your personal sledding assistant.
2. Please remember to use the restroom facilities BEFORE putting on your long johns, sweat pants, long socks, snow pants, heavy boots, warm jacket, scarf, hat and mittens. Announcing that you, "HAVE to go NOW." Will only lead to offensive language on the part of your sherpa mother, and prematurely end your trip to the sledding hill.
3. After sledding down the hill, do not walk back up on the sledding surface. Make your way to the side of the hill for your return trip. This will decrease the chances of you being struck by another sledder as well as keep the sledding surface clean and smooth.

4. If you are a teenage girl and choose to disregard number 3 and choose to sit with your friends in the middle of the hill, you need to peacefully accept the consequences of your actions. One of the consequences will be that the mothers at the top of the hill will aim their children at you with every intention of knocking your silly twittering selves off the hill.

5. Be sure to remain well hydrated, but keep in mind that over hydrated children will be driven home to use the facilities and not returned to the sled hill.

6. Looking cute is good, but if you are the child of a knitter and refuse to wear a hat, remember that besides the certainty of catching you death of a cold, you are shaming your mother in the face of the whole world. Think about that missy!


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I feel your pain. A snow day and a PD day last week, plus another snow day today.....good for them....torture for me.

BTW Mr. FIX IT did get the pump working again. I have never enjoyed a shower so much in my life!

MadMad said...

Hahaha! (I mean, other than the part where everyone was home torturing you...!)