01 February 2008

Random Stuff Friday

Daughter has taken up a new hobby. I'm not sure if I need to be worried by this or not. At first I thought that perhaps Barbie was joining Cirque and doing some kind of acrobatic routine, but the second time I found her (hanging from the ceiling fan chain in my bedroom, by the way) she seemed a little more...uncomfortable.

We need to install avalanche warning signs around the front door, as this is what's waiting overhead today.

Even Moose is having a bad day. Did I mention it snowed in Chicago last night? Moose lives on the front porch which is sheltered from the snow most of the time.

I've gotten to a decision point on my new sock. I need to decide what kind of pattern, if any, I'm going to put on the tops of my socks. I've tested a few and decided I don't like them. I'm either really boring and only like plain socks, or I'm really finicky about what I'm putting on my socks.

And finally, a couple of pictures from our Christmas trip to Colorado. On the coldest, snowiest day we were there, we drove to the Ouray Hot Springs. We were in the water, which ranges from 96F to 106F for about 3.5 hours. In order to get the right mental picture keep in mind that with water that temperature and air that temperature there's a lot of steam in the air. There were lifeguards all bundled up in parkas and balaklavas, but they couldn't see more than 6 feet most of the time. The best part was that when we got out someone had taken the towels that Daughter and I left next to the changing rooms. So we did what any other person in that situation would do. We borrowed someone elses towels. If they were yours, I apologize for the frozen state of your towels when you got to them.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

As the president of the SPCM (society for the prevention of cruelty to moose) I hold you accountable for the suffering inflicted to that poor fellow.

As for your daughter...don't worry until she gives Barbie the GI Jane look. At least now Barbie is learning some kind of skill. All GI Barbie does is look scary.

MadMad said...

OK. I need more of an explanation for the Barbie thing.