29 February 2008

Fashion to Freeze In

Daughter and I went shopping for her Easter dress and confirmed that there is not a dress designer alive who lives north of the equator. I know that Easter is supposed to be when we kick off spring, and some years it's late enough that the cute little sleeveless dresses are somewhat practical. In 2006, for example, it was a lovely warm day, so Nephew, Daughter and Niece were just fine in their warm weather gear.

But Easter is in March this year people. In fact this is the earliest Easter that we've had in roughly 90 years, and it won't be this early again for another 200 years, give or take. None of us will ever see Easter this early in the year again in our natural lifetimes. (For those who choose to cryogenically freeze yourselves, you may get another chance, but why would you want to thaw yourself out just to experience another freezing Easter?) March is not the time of year for cute little dresses with skimpy to no sleeves, at least not in Chicago. Naturally the dress that Daughter chose has two cute little straps, so she will be adorable when we're wheeling her off to the emergency room with an acute case of hypothermia. I imagine that the egg hunting will be lots of fun as the children attempt to pick up slippery plastic eggs while wearing their gloves and parkas.

With luck I can help stave off some of the chill, as I have finished the body of her stole and have only the edging to go, so there's hope that it will be ready by Easter. It's made with KnitPicks Dye Your Own laceweight Merino, so it should help warm her up a bit. That and the parka she'll have to wear over it.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Isn't that like finding a Halloween costume that will fit over your kid's snow suit?