20 January 2010

Deja Vu

As I predicted, the popularity of the scarf I made last week led to this:

So my fifth FO for the year is nearly exactly the same thing as the fourth one. Hers is a couple of rows shorter than mine for the very logical reason that I ran out of yarn. I took a couple of before blocking pictures to show the difference between unblocked scarf and blocked scarf.

The blocked scarf is on the top. It's longer and a little less wide than the unblocked version on the bottom. And in the next photo, the blocked lace points are on the right, and the unblocked points are on the left.

After finishing the same scarf twice, it was time to move on to something new. For Christmas I got a couple of Amazon.com gift cards, and one of the things I got using them was Cat Bordhi's new book, Personal Footprints. She's come up with a new method for making socks which is a little convoluted at first glance. You have to trace your foot onto cardboard, measure things by trying the sock on your foot at several junctures, and make a football shaped thing that you then cut open and put the ankle portion of the sock on. I'm always up for a new challenge, so I started a pair of "discovery socks" using some of the Socks that Rock I picked up at Stitches last year. This is what they look like so far:

And now I must go, for Daughter found out that the Lindt store in the mall is closing and everything is 50% off. We need to get there before all the good stuff is gone.


Carrie said...

You should duplicate all of the favorite projects so you don't lose them to Small One.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Lindt store.....50% off.....I am so there....