04 January 2010

Number Two

And the second FO for the year is:

A pair of socks for me. They're made from Serenity Sock Weight, just like yesterday's pair. It's one of my favorite sock yarns. Not only is it nice and comfy on the feet, I can get it a Hobby Lobby for relatively cheap. The fact that I finished them today is not as impressive as you might think. I finished the first sock in November. One of the unfortunate side effects of knitting them this far apart is that my gauge changed between then and now, and one sock is slightly larger than the other. It's a problem that I can live with.

And some cuteness from this afternoon:

Dog doesn't like it when he's on the wrong side of the door.

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Rainy Daisy said...

awww. I want to hug your puppy.