30 January 2010

The Saturday List

Because I emcountered not one, but two of these today, I present today's list: Pet Peeves.

1. Walking into the bathroom and discovering that my hairbrush is not sitting next to the sink. That's where I leave it. Always. If it's missing it means that Daughter has absconded with it and who knows where it might be. This has caused me to have a new appreciation for how my Dad felt when Brother "borrowed" his tools and didn't put them back where he got them from.

2. Our kitchen sink has two compartments. They are both the same size, the one on the left has a disposal and the one on the right has the standard drain basket. If there are no dishes in the left side of the sink, there is NO REASON why I should walk into the kitchen and find the right compartment basket full of smelly food bits. There is a disposal 6 inches away people. 6 inches.

3. Getting this far on a sock:

and finding this:

4. People who say, "Whatever." In fact, this is outlawed in our house. If I'm talking and someone says, "Whatever" I get to slap the back of their hand. And vice-versa.

5. On Thursdays I wash all of the clothes for Husband, Daughter, and Myself. There are routinely 4 big loads of laundry for the three of us. It makes me very irritated when I start the sorting and discover that someone has put towels in with the clothing. Almost as annoying is when I find something in Daughter's hamper that I know she hasn't actually worn, it just fell off a shelf in her closet.

6. Sitting down to use my laptop and discovering that both the screen and the keyboard have a coating of something greasy/sticky/slimy. Or finding that the keys make crunching noises because of the crumbs that have fallen in.

7. It is my contention that the person who needs to be most comfortable in any vehicle is the person driving it. It therefore follows that the person who should be in charge of all controls, including but not limited to radio, heating and cooling is the operator of the vehicle. Front seat passengers should not arbitrarily change anything without at least asking first.

8. This one I've seen twice in the last week. I start to pull into the parking space next to the shopping cart corral, and there is a cart in the parking space, causing me to have to back up and find a new space. How lazy does one have to be to leave the cart NEXT TO the cart return?

For your amusement: While we were driving home from lunch today Daughter was talking to Husband about his cell phone. She was asking if there were any new downloads, and he told her that there was a new version of Yahtzee that had 6 dice instead of 5. He told her it would be 20% more fun. Daughter then asked if it was 20% more fun over all, or 20% more fun than the first Nazi?

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Carrie said...

I have a policy of charging for any laundry with fold marks still in them but we just kicked it into the laundry pile rather than put it in our drawer. Son and small daughter are the worst at this offense. If small person has no money then it is paid in the form of slave labor at my rates. I truly love my children but this might just cause me to send them off into the night...