20 March 2010

The Saturday List - Spring Edition

Let me be the first to wish you all a very happy spring. In accordance with His divine sense of humor, I give you the view from my front porch:

You can't really see it in the picture, but there's still a good amount of snow coming down. On this, the first day of spring.

And the list on this beautiful spring morning is What I'm Going to Do Today:

1. Wake up to see that the day has not begun as hoped for.
2. Wake Daughter up much earlier than she's accustom to on a Saturday morning.
3. Pack my suitcase.
4. Pack Daughter's suitcase.
5. Pack a bunch of random stuff that doesn't go in a suitcase.
6. Put all of the packed stuff in the car.
7. Put myself and Daughter in the car.
8. Drive just north of Milwaukee, then stop at Culvers for lunch and gas.
9. Drive to Parents' house.

So far I've made it to number 5, this computer being one of the random things that needs to be packed. I hope you all have a good spring break, we're going to do our best to have one.

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