12 March 2010

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

You may or may not recognize that statement as a quote from the movie Jaws. Chief Brody is chumming the water and grumbling to himself when a giant shark mouth comes up out of the water inches from his face, then sinks back into the water. It's the first time the heroes actually see what it is that they're dealing with, and it's certainly a lot more than they were expecting.

That's the scene that keeps playing in my head when I see Son wearing my latest creation.

I found the pattern while checking out the blogs of the other people who got gold in the yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics. I had previously found a pattern for a fish hat and Son showed some interest in me making one for him, so when I found this one, which is more straightforward than the other, I decided to whip one up for him.

The pattern is from the Knitting Ninja, with a few modifications. (For some reason that link isn't working for me right now, hopefully it will for you.) The original pattern has some fins for earflaps, but Son indicated that he would prefer not to have them, so we just went with teeth all the way around the opening for the head. It's nice having an artistic son who enjoys non-standard apparel.

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