08 March 2010

The Saturday List

I'm late on my list again, but this time it's for a reason. As time goes on and I get older I find that my patience for Hollywood and everything that come out of it becomes smaller and smaller. I'm sure it's because I am turning into a curmudgeon. I don't particularly care who won the awards, I'm not interested in who showed up and who didn't, and I have no desire to know who wore the best dresses and who wore the worst. The fact that millions of dollars was spent to stroke the egos of people who earn far too much money makes me a little mad. So I waited an extra two day so that I could bring you:

What I did Instead of Watching the Oscars

1. I finished knitting a sock. I started these after I made the Olympic sweater because I discovered that I did not have any brown knit socks.

2. Daughter and I watched Phineas and Ferb. There are not a lot of cartoons that I like watching, but this is a good one. The stories are cute, and the songs are quite catchy. I especially like the Perry the Platypus song.

3. I went to Stranglethorn Vale and got my Tauren Hunter to level 37.

4. I rode herd on Daughter to make sure that she got her reading, showering, and flute practice done before bedtime.

All in all, quite an enjoyable evening.

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