31 March 2010

Where'd That Come From?

Things you just can't find in Elk Grove, Illinois.

Daughter pounding venison for dinner.

The cutest vole house you've ever seen.

Plenty of low spots full of water with a skim coat of ice on them. Perfect for a girl with winter boots to crack.

Grateful knitting recipients. Cousin-In-Law saw the shark hat I made for Son and liked it, Mom found out and told me, so I made her one too.

Daughter driving all by her self. She drove the car the last 2 miles to parents' house. They live in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road, so there was little chance of a problem. She was a little overly aggressive with the brake pedal the first time she used it, and she wanted to use both feet, but we had both of those problems worked out by the time she pulled into the driveway.

Lake Superior.

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elizabeth said...

Awesome! I love the shark hat!