18 January 2008

Vacation Here I Come

I had a post all written and ready to go today, bemoaning the life of a housewife. I have photos of disgustingly messy bedrooms, toothpaste encrusted sinks, and lazy animals napping between trips to the basement to relieve themselves on the carpet. I have decided that most of the people who will read this already know what a thankless job it is, and the people who don't...well, I can't help them from here.

Instead of griping about the laundry and the dishes and the soapscum, I'm going to take a vacation. Not a real vacation mind you, that isn't possible under the circumstances. But next week I'm going to go on a virtual vacation. I'm going to pick someplace warm and experience it as best I can from my own home. I'm going to find movies set there, make food from there, maybe a good audiobook too. I'm going to turn up my thermostat and plan a nice psychotic break from reality. Hopefully it will keep me from having a real one any time soon.

Anna's shawl is getting bigger, and yes that is a pineapple holding it up for you to see. One works with what one has available.

1 comment:

MadMad said...

Sounds like a plan. Can I come? My house is DIS-GUS-TING right now. And there is no dinner. And really no food, either.