21 January 2008

It's All Greek to Me

So I started my imaginary vacation today. I decided that I'd visit Greece this week. I didn't get there till fairly late today, what with it being Martin Luther King Jr. day and all. There were several short people who didn't have to go to school who interfered with my departure. I finally got away from them when one became engrossed in the Kids Next Door and the other was battling aliens in one or the other of his Xbox games. When I finally managed to get away my first stop was the Acropolis. It's a lovely little place, and this time of year there aren't as many tourists as there are in the summer. In fact I had the whole place almost all to myself. I had a helpful local take my picture for me outside the Parthenon. I'm reading the Odyssey so I can get in touch with the ancient Greek aura. I ate some black olives and some tilapia, which they must have imported from somewhere because it isn't a salt water fish, although it did have a lot of lemon juice and some olive oil, so it was close anyway.

I started listening to Trojan Odyssey, but it turns out it isn't really set in Greece. I figure I'll give it a break and still listen to it while I'm cleaning the kitchen again, doing laundry, sweeping up pounds of animal fur lounging on the beach having some baklava. I haven't decided where I'm going tomorow, but tonight I hear that a British ship sunk offshore and some foreign types have been taking about ATAKs, whatever they are. I'll watch TV tonight and see if I can update you on how that turns out.


Lynne said...

ha! Look at you enjoying your holiday! How lucky that you are the only tourist there. I just got back from a "real" vacation and I can tell you we saw plenty of other people at our location! Enjoy, I think this is a great idea! Next time I need a vacation and can't get away I'm going to try this!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

What you didn't watch the movie Troy to see the Brad Pitt's butt shots? Or the movie 300 with all those hunky muscular guys?

When I read your post yesterday, I thought that you would chose something tropical. I am so with you one Greece. DH did a stop over there and bought me a tourist book. Gorgeous place.