28 January 2008


My vacation has had several interruptions in the last few days. The first was this <-. It's really not possible to imagine that you are in Greece when this is what your thermometer looks like in the morning. I'd like to note also that I have a picture taken an hour earlier where the temperature was warmer. It's not a great start to your day when the mercury is going down, not up as the day progresses.

The second interruption was this. How's a person supposed to enjoy sipping Ouzo on the coast when they know that there's a couple of skeins of yummy sock yarn just waiting to be dealt with at home? Especially when the colors are so very cool.

And that brings us to today's interruption. This morning daughter skived off school (I hope I used that word correctly) because she wasn't feeling well. She has no fever and wasn't showing other major signs of being ill, so I asked her the question. Are you sick enough to stay home and NOT watch television? Yes Mom. so now for the past 1/2 hour I've been interrupted approximately every 3 minutes: Mom, can I have some chicken noodle soup? Mom, how do you pronounce Lucinda? Mom I need some more pink lemonade. Mom, can you bring me my paper dolls? Mom, does no TV mean I can't play with my DigiMakeover? Mom, when are you going to be done on the computer? I have to take care of my garden in WebKinz world every day or the plants will DIE! Mom, I'm bored, can I please watch TV?


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Don't you just hate cutting your vacation short because of others even if it's a virtual one.

I've experienced the illness your daughter went through with my oldest. They are so ill that they can not possibly go to school, but she miraculously recovered about the time the final bell rings. GRRRR

MadMad said...

heh-heh-heh! Sometimes it's easier to just let them have the TV, isn't it?