09 January 2008

Would You Rather

Last night Daughter was bored (meaning she was not the center of attention for a minute or two), so we were playing Would You Rather while we were eating dinner. Daughter asked Husband if he'd rather quit playing tennis for one week and give her $20 OR never shave again. He chose the former. Husband asked Daughter if she would rather be beautiful or brilliant and she went with beautiful. *Note to self: Less TV time for the little darling.* There were several rounds of questions; Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? Would you rather give up television or the computer? Would you rather sleep with your nose one inch from Dog's face or his rear end? Would you rather give up tennis or your computer? And finally Daughter asked me if I would rather give up knitting for one month or completely frog my last 5 projects. It was a tough call, but I decided that I would probably prefer to frog my last 5 than give up knitting for a month. I explained about the difference between a process knitter and a product knitter, and I was amused that Daughter knew what frogging was and Husband had no idea. Had I known that I was making an actual choice I may have taken a little more time with my answer.

As I was working on my vaguely related socks last night I pulled out the first one to count how many rows of ribbing I needed. When I started the second one I *knew* how many rows I needed in the foot and the ankle, I just needed to refresh myself on the ribbing. As you can see from exhibit A, I apparently did NOT know how many rows I needed in the foot. I'm off by 15 rows. Looks like Daughter knew more than she was saying at dinner last night. My new plan for today: frogging 5 rows of ribbing, 45 rows of ankle, and the entire heel and gusset. Whee.

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