24 March 2008

F is for ...

Finally Finished and Frozen

On Thursday I spent a marathon day knitting (which included ignoring Mt. Laundry) and finally finished the edging on Daughter's stole.

Then I gave it a nice bath and performed the magic blocking trick:

Voila. Finished and ready for use on Easter morning by Daughter.

Which is good because as predicted, it was freezing. In fact on Friday we got this:

What I am sincerely hoping is the last snow of the 07/08 season. I am so ready for warm weather I can't even begin to describe it.


MadMad said...

OMG - it's gorgeous! I love seeing the pre-block and post-block pix - what a difference, huh? Hope you guys had a happy Easter!

Iron Needles said...

It's beautiful! Loverly Easter togs, and functional, too, considering the weather.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Brrrr. I think that I need a stole. Daughter's bare arms are making me chilly.