18 March 2008

More Questions

I have cooked my fish (loosely speaking) on a nonstandard pan and have lived to tell the tale. The experience has led me to do some soul searching, some philosophical meditation, if you will. I am nearing one of the "milestone" birthdays this year, and I have been taking an inventory of my life situation and I have a few questions that I am still struggling with.

1. At what age will a reasonable person come to grips with the fact that the toilet paper does not, in fact, magically teleport itself onto the spindle?

2. In a related query, when will a reasonable person look to see if there is any toilet paper available BEFORE doing their business?

3. When will the edging end?

4. Why, if the edging is not ending, do I feel compelled to make a vest for Daughter?

5. When will I cave in and purchase an office chair whose back does not fall off every time I stand up?

6. And finally, what is wrong with these women? I need to know, is everyone in New York City like this? I am hoping that the name, "Real Housewives of New York City," is sort of sick joke. After watching for about 15 minutes I couldn't take it any more and had to change the channel. I'm pretty sure I outgrew most of that kind of behavior when I was 15.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Some of those questions, can not be answered until the kids grow up and leave home (including the one we refer to as Hubby).

As for the chair, you could wait until some unsuspecting patsy sits down, then stands......"Oh I'm sorry, I broke your chair, please let me buy you a new one" Okay, so it's a Goldilocks set up kind of thing, but it could work.

Don't you know? Having grown women acting like 15 year olds is the only way to have a hit TV show. PHEW.....I'm glad that I don't have cable...

MadMad said...

Oh, you're funny. And that chair shot? Killer? Important birthday, huh? Twenty-one, right? (Cuz all the other ones are so NOT important. Really.)