02 February 2010

That, but First, This

Rockin Sock Club members be aware

If I'm counting correctly, I just finished my seventh knitted object for the year. The pair of socks that I showed on Saturday with the knot in the yarn are done and ready for Daughter's feet. To maintain consistency the yarn mill kindly put a knot in the second ball of yarn as well.

I was tempted to put them on Dart's feet, but he really doesn't like it when you play with his feet. He's been known to rend flesh when his feet are messed with. I haven't yet had a knitting related wound this year, and I'd like to keep it that way, so I just put them near his feet. He was OK with that.

I needed to finish up those socks, because yesterday the mail man brought me this:

The first package from the Rockin' Sock Club. There was a skein of STR lightweight in a color called Happy Go Lucky, a bumper sticker, a button, a mini-skein of "emergency" yarn, two different patterns, several pages of dyer's notes, and some handy reference pages.

I just finished winding the ball and there are NO knots! This will be a welcome change from that last pair of socks.

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Carrie said...

Yes I know about Dart and his foot issue. I have the bite to prove it. I had no idea cats were so picky about their feet. I can't imagine using one of those pet nail buffers on a cat unless it was drugged, or I just didn't like my flesh.