28 February 2010

The Saturday List

I'm bringing home the gold! The sweater is done. I even made it with about 24 hours to spare.

Now truth be told, if I were giving out the medals, I would only award myself a silver because one side of the collar is a little droopy and may need some corrective surgery later on.

And because this is the list day(ish), I offer you:

Mistakes I made while knitting this sweater
1. Rather than starting with a pattern, I started with an idea, which quickly turned problematic.

2. When I knit my gauge swatch, I used one set of neeldes, then when I went to start the sweater I switched to different needles that I was sure were the same size. Turns out, not so much.

3. When I got to a fairly large slub in the yarn (a thick spot, for non-knitters) I just left it alone rather than cutting it out so that I wouldn't have even more ends to deal with. There's now a spot on my right shoulder blade that both Husband and Son have pointed out to me.

4. When knitting one of the fronts, I knit one side tighter than the other and assumed that "it'll all work out in the blocking."

5. When it came time for blocking, I was unable to find my straight pins, so I couldn't do anything more than spread things out and hope they stayed where they were supposed to.

6. Related to Number 5, I neglected to close the door to the room where the pieces were laid out, so one of the cats played with the pieces, leaving 2 rather serious snags to deal with, and necessitating a second blocking period.

7. When I blocked the sleeves I didn't measure the top of the sleeve, just the bottom. When it came time to sew things together, I ended up with sleeve caps that were too big for the holes they were supposed to be fitting in to.

8. When attaching the second sleeve, I started by attaching the cuff of the sleeve to the shoulder of the body.

9. I started the button band 6 times before I finally got it the way I wanted it, then ended up ripping the whole thing off because is was too wavy and needed to be knit tighter.

10. I picked up too many stitches around the neck, so now one side of the collar droops.

I think there were a couple more that I've blocked from memory, but at least it's done and on time.


elizabeth said...

I think it's lovely! When I read "patchwork cardigan," I wasn't sure, but it looks great! Congrats!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I suppose that the saying "alls well that ends well" is most appropriate. Learning experience aside....it turned out great.