04 February 2010

Bobble, Bobble, Toil and Trobble

I've been working on the Rockin' Sock Club sock from the January kit. There were two patterns, and I chose Flabella. It features a mostly purl base with a couple of lines of knitting with some bobbles thrown in for fun. I chose this pattern because the second pattern was fairly lacey, and lacey socks do me no good in Chicago weather.

You can't really see them very well in the photo, but there are 15 bobbles in the first row of the cuffs. This is the first of 3 repeats of this fan patterns for a sock in size small.

There's two repeats done, and let me tell you my fingers were in some pain at this point. I'm using size 0 needles ( for the non-knitters, that's about the diameter of a round toothpick,) and knitting at firmly as I comfortably can, but I'm still not getting gauge. So I'm making a size small pair of socks to fit my size medium feet.

It's a lovely sock, but I'm going to need to cast on the second sock right away. If I stop now I might not be able to convince myself that it's worth it to pick them back up again in a month or two.

Besides, my fingers are already stained red from the dye that wasn't rinsed out of the yarn.

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