22 February 2010

The Saturday... Sunday... ummm Monday List

I'll admit that I missed my Saturday List this past week. I figured that if there was time for working on my blog, I should probably use that time towards working on the sweater instead. This morning, however, I have some time, as I am "at work." My official title is Office Clerk, but what I really do is fill in at the church office when everyone else has to be somewhere, or when they need help with something on the computer, like a mail merge.

The upside of my job is that I get to feel all helpful and whatnot. The downside is that on the days that I'm just here to answer the phones, there's not always much else to keep me busy. I already finished the small pile of things that they left for me, but my time is now my own for the next hour or two. Naturally I planned for this and brought a book and my non-Olympic knitting. Oh, wait, no I didn't. So I now have the time to bring you the Monday list. Because the season of Lent started last Wednesday, this one seems appropriate. I got this from Patrick Madrid's blog.

Patrick Madrid's Top 10 Least Popular Medieval Penances —
10. Standing barefoot in the snow for hours
9. Skunk hair shirts
8. Scrubbing castle walls with toothbrush
7. Memorizing the Summa Theologiae
6. Chewing tinfoil
5. Delivering papal condemnations to Martin Luther
4. Hand copying the entire Bible
3. Wasp licking
2. Anything involving anthills
1. The "thorn paddle"

I'm passing on all of these and doing something that's going to be nearly as difficult, at least for me. This year I'm giving up Tea for lent. Which means that not only will I not be able to enjoy my favorite beverage, I'll be cold from now until Easter.

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