08 June 2007

The Gift of Time

Today I have been given a great gift by my son. It is the gift of time. My wonderful child has figured out that I would be able to accomplish a lot more if I just had more time at my disposal. I am, however, torn. I am not entirely sure what to do with this time. True, it is a good and valuable gift, but it seems that not all time is created equal. As an example, take the hour of 4:00 in the morning. While there are many possible activities that a person can engage in at 4:00, there are even more activities which are impractical. Can a person count every 4th heartbeat (one one one one, two two two two...)? Yes. Clean the dishes on the counter? Not so much. Can a person engage in random mental word generation (xenophobia, pastille, orinoco, fois gras...)? Yes. Haul boxes up from the basement and start organizing the new guest room? Not really.

As I sit in the living room watching the horizon slowly brighten with the coming of the sun, and listen to the gentle song of the birds outside, I can in a better way appreciate the kindness of my child. Had my recent high school graduate not come in the house at 4:02 from his night of internet cafe entertainment, I would not be able to post this new message to my blog. I would not be able to take up my needles and work on the sleeve of my Fiona Ellis sweater. I would be utterly wasting this most precious hour of the morning.

To Kris I say: Thank You. I also say: The next time you wake me up at 4:00 I'm going to put a hurting on you like you wouldn't believe.

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Patrick said...

Not looking forward to that