26 June 2007

Son of Frankenstein

Looking back over the last month I discovered that I've been fairly self centered. All my knitting has been for me, so I decided it was time to put down the sleeve and do some charity knitting. My first thought was, "I'll whip off a couple of pair of booties." Seems simple enough; go through the files of patterns I've downloaded and purchased, find some easy booties and go. I looked back through the booklet that I taught myself out of because I seemed to remember some booties in there. Sure enough, there they were, with some cute infant feet modeling them.. I picked up my needles, found some leftover yarn that would make cute booties and knit. The booties were quick, the booties were easy. The booties...would not fit on any kind of human being I've ever seen. These booties were the right size for the Frankenstein baby.
I checked my needles, yep right size. I checked my gauge, yup right gauge. Then I looked more closely at the photo. If they made those out of worsted weight yarn, then I'm the Queen of Sheba. Needless to say, bootie number 2 did not make it onto the needles. I switched gears and decided to do my favorite baby cardigan instead. Tune in tomorrow for how that turned out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh well, it's kinda cute in its own little "Frankie" way!