22 June 2007

Let the Decreasing Begin

So perhaps I was a little hasty when I said that I might lose interest in the sleeve. It has held my interest long enough so that I have gotten past the myriad increases, and am now set to begin the decreases. Of course this was accomplished by the wonderful parental tactic of placing the small intruder in front of the television for way too long.

On the subject of decreases, I have added a question to my list of "Things to Ask God About When I Get to Heaven." Why are our arms shaped like this? Why must a knitter cast on what seems like a good amount of stitches then add more every few rows? Why can't we have nice straight arms that don't grow and shrink, causing us knitterly types to have to do math and geometry and other unwholesome activities?


Sarah said...

this is lovely. where is the Celtic Icon pattern from?

Kathy said...

The Celtic Icon is from Fiona Ellis' book Inspired Cable Knits. It's got some very cool stuff.