29 June 2007

The Hole Thing

When I do charity knitting I especially like making baby things. They don't take a lot of time (unless you're going the blanket route) and they're not usually very complicated. When I was learning how to knit the second sweater that I made was a baby sweater. I liked it so much that I made several of them for people who were expecting. It's been several years since I made this particular one and now that some time has gone by I feel like I'm actually getting it right. I feel this because I can now see all of the less than stellar instructions in the pattern. Take, for instance, the button band. I worked it as specified and ended up with what you see on the left. It's OK, but I'd really rather have the button holes not be quite so obvious. These were made by making a yarn over then purling stitches together on the wrong side. I decided that I couldn't live with them this way and frogged the button band back and did it again, this time making my holes by making a yarn over then knitting two together. This worked, but now my holes are off center. If I were smart I'd make a note that the ribbing on that side should start with a purl, not a knit so the ribs would be offset by one stitch. Anyway, I finished it off and now all it needs is the buttons and a nice home.

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