18 June 2007

Sleevius Interruptus

It now feels as though summer has really begun. Anna was out of school last week, but she was going to vacation bible school with a friend in the mornings, so it still felt like I had some time during the day. This week it's all me, all the time. "Mommy I'm bored. Mommy play with me. Can I call and play with someone?" I may need a Mini Mommy vacation before this summer is over.

In knitting news, the sleeve has grown by one pattern repeat. Unfortunately the sleeve may be growing very slowly. The usual procedure was; prepare a beverage, turn on the current book on CD, sit on the loveseat and knit. I can no longer listen to the books on CD because it annoys the small intruder. I can't sit on the loveseat for more than about 2 minutes without being summoned to some other part of the house due to some perceived, "emergency." I fear for the sleeve, it may feel neglected and decide to run away and join the other UFOs hiding out in the secret corners of the house. Let us all hope that it will have a strong enough personality to continue calling loudly to me through the long days of summer.


Margaret said...

I love this design, you are really talented with knitting. I love knitted things better, but I'm a lazy crocheter. =O)


(Dr. John the knit-picker sent me over to visit from his blog.)

Patrick said...

Knitting comeing along sorry to hear about the arm. Dr John is my dad case you wondering.