23 June 2007

On Cats

Right off the bat I must say 2 things: If you have a weak stomach, please don't look at the picture below. Even if you have a strong stomach, you might want to avert your eyes. Second, if you are Fiona Ellis, I apologize. I would have kept it from happening, but I didn't get any advanced notice.

I am a dog person. I enjoy the way they play, the way that they can always be counted on to be there for you, the unconditional love. Cats, I have a harder time with. They are aloof, they only want to be petted when it is most inconvenient, they are not fun. They also have a habit of creating hairballs. Since this is a known cat fact, I don't get too annoyed when it happens in my home. What I object to is the cat (hereafter known as Furry Flying Projectile #1) walking into my newly furbished craft room, standing over the pattern book I just put on the floor, and projectile vomiting on it. If you have a cat you know that the hairball ejection process involves some ...warning sounds. I was given no warning. He walked in, found a likely looking place, and regurgitated all over the Celtic Icon pattern.

While tempted to kick FFP#1 into next week, I restrained myself. I calmly did what anyone else of my temperament would do, I called the dog in to clean up.

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MadMad said...

OMG! That is sooo sad - and funny. (At least it wasn't on any actual knitting, right?) And funniest of all is that I also call my dog to clean up. I did not know other people did this. So glad I'm not alone in my .... cleaning habits! Yay!

Not to make this about me or anything, but once? My stupid dog ate a diaper (of the poopy variety), then vomited it up. Then ate it all over again.

And I let him, the ass. (But I put him outside right after.) OK, I'm back to read the original post.