13 July 2007

Powerless in the Hands of Fate

Did I not say that fate would slap me down? It would seem that the Stag Bag has played its next card in our little showdown. If you look at the picture to the left (you don't even have to look carefully, it's that bad) you'll see that I am incapable of making my chevrons do what they are supposed to. The killer is that of the four chevron areas, I'm consistently screwing up the same one. As the knitters out there know, I now have four choices: Unknit the last five rows one stitch at a time; take it off the needles and rip back; leave it in as a symbol of my imperfection; or get out the crochet hook and drop each of the twelve stitches down, then pick them up using the right color. I must confess that I seriously considered option three, but I'm giving this to someone as a gift and I don't think I could live with the shame of it, so crochet hook here I come.

In other news, the broken girl has been decasted and is now free to immerse her arm in as much water as she wants to. The break is healing nicely and as long as she stays away from monkey bars and cartwheels for the next couple of weeks she should be fine. I find it interesting that it is now quite easy to spot the break on the x-ray now that the arm is healing. On the original it was just a squiggly grey line, but on the new ones it's pretty obvious where it fractured.


Amanda said...

I think I'd have to fix it too. I'm such a perfectionist, especially when it's going to someone else. Other than your little chevron issue, the bag is looking really good. I saw the pattern online and thought it was so cute, but it scared me way too much to attempt it just yet. Yours is going to turn out beautiful! I can feel it!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Be brave and just say to yourself..."I control the Stag Bag...it does not control me" OR you can always take a deep breath, and rip back to where you need to. At any rate it will be worth it as the bag is very cute.