17 July 2007

Rain, Finally

It's a rainy day here in the Chicago suburbs. I am happy. Not only do my plants need this urgently, but I had been growing concerned about the safety and well being of my home and neighborhood. Until today all of the lawns as well as the grass in the park across the street have been growing increasingly brown and crunchy. My concern for safety is related to the charming college boy next door and his friends. They have been know to just throw stuff on the ground while hanging out next door. This includes pop cans, fast food bags, and their cigarettes. While it irks us a little to have to pick up their junk when it blows into our yard, I think it would be infinitely worse to have one's house burned down because the tinderbox, I mean lawn, got torched by a lazy kid.

I have progressed somewhat on "The Bag." The stag now had discernable legs, which is very exciting considering how he looked not too long ago. I will confess that I am doing a lousy job of keeping things flat. I speculate that the problem comes from knitting quasi-continental and going fast, so my stitches tend to be all jammed up on my right needle. They don't get enough slack in the floats so they pull. I am deluding myself into thinking that this is something that can be corrected at least somewhat in the blocking. I will try not to think of the Yarn Harlot who said something along the lines of, if you're expecting blocking to fix it, you're in trouble.

I have also cast on a mindless project, a little Wallaby for the charity pile. This will be handy at least twice this week, as I am going to a guild meeting tomorrow night, and I am about to look up show times for Transformers so I can take the no-longer-broken girl to see it this afternoon.

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