31 July 2007

I Love Knitting, Really

Last night I finished the second sleeve for the Celtic Icon sweater. That's it over on the left in its natural state. I figured for photography's sake I should do a quick bit of blocking so that you'd be able to see the thing in a more sleeve like shape. I gave the sleeve a quick bath and pinned it out and voila. It's looking pretty good if I do say so myself. There's only one slight problem. As with most good patterns, there's a schematic that shows the dimensions that the sleeve should be when it's done. It should be 9.5 inches wide at the cuff. Check. It should be 16.5 inches wide at the widest point. Check. It should be 26.75 inches long. Um, come again? 26.75 inches from top to bottom. So by 26.75 you actually mean 30, right? Nooo, that would be 3.25 inches too long, I mean 26.75 inches. Houston, we have a problem.
**You'll love this, my daughter just walked into the room and asked "Mom, what's that?" "A sleeve." "That's a really long sleeve." **
You remember that I said that this is the second sleeve, right? And that being the think ahead person that I am I made sure that I had the same number of pattern repeats, so they're EXACTLY alike? I now have sleeves for an orangutan sweater. How do I do this to myself?

Photography tip: If you want to take a good photo of textured knitting like cables it's a good idea to have your light coming from the side rather than overhead, and don't use a flash. You need the shadows to make the texture pop.

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Amanda said...

Wow!! That is going to look amazing when it's all said and done. The cables look great!