18 July 2007

A Task Slowly Done is Surely Done

We're coming right along, the Stag Bag and me. We've gotten past our rather rocky beginning, we've worked out some minor kinks in our relationship, we've found a way to communicate with each other. I will admit that some of what I communicate is not entirely appropriate for family audiences, and the bag has had its moments of ... reticence, but on the whole we seem to have slid into the comfortable, been-together-for-a-while-and-have-it-pretty-much-worked-out stage.

Today I got to sit and knit with a friend's sister-in-law who is originally from Moldova. I explained how to work an attached i-cord edging to the cardigan she's making. She apologized for always asking me questions when she comes to visit, but I assured her that it's OK. It is rare for me to mention knitting without my audience's eyes glazing over and drool beginning to leak from the corners of their mouths. She also told me that her LYS had just had a big sale and everything was at least 25% off, and up to 80%. She wanted to know if she should call me next time they had a sale like that. I assured her that it would be just fine if she let me know. She also claimed that she had decided that she was only going to buy wool at that store when they have a sale. "Just once each year. Is a good idea, yes?" So naive. I'm going to invite her to Stitches in August. He he he he.

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